Almond and Rose Kheer Recipe

Friends, Today we are going to make Kheer in a new style, we are making Kheer with rose petals.

No, any  Indian festival is complete without a sweet treat. Kheer Make Perfect Choice for Celebration. Here is a quick kheer recipe with almonds and rose flavor which you can try.

almond and rose kheer

Recipe servings – 4

prep time – 20 min

cook time – 40 min

Ingredients For Almond and rose kheer recipe

  • 2-liter milk
  • 40gm sugar
  • 120gm rice
  • 3-4 rose water drop
  • 10gm rose petals( dried petals)
  • 100gm almonds
  • 25gm almonds silver


  • Dip the rice in water for about 20 minutes
  • Heat Milk in Heavy Bottom Pan after the Boil Milk Reduces the Heat and Simmer Till Milk is Reduce  to Half the Original Quantity
  • Then add dip rice after drying the water and cook on low flame heat till rice cook well and then mix thickens.
  • Almond Chopped Well and Add. Cook for 15 minutes. On low  flame heat, until kheer is thick and creamy, then add sugar
  • Keep aside to cool once cool add rose water and mix. Refrigerated till serving.
  • Roast some almond in the oven for 180 degrees for 5 minutes until golden brown
  • Beautify with Silver and Dried Rose petals before serving.

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