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Best Wine with Indian Food

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Indian food is undoubtedly one of the nations favourite cuisines, if not the very favourite. When it comes to choosing the best wine with Indian food, though, we can sometimes get a little bit lost. However, if we want to enjoy our Indian food as much as possible, and we want to enjoy our wine as much as possible, then it makes complete and perfect sense to marry the two, and discover what the best wine with Indian food really is. Of course, as with any national cuisine, different dishes will require different wines, so see here a list of the nation’s three favourite Indian food dishes and wines that go best with them.

Best Wine with Indian Food – Lamb Vindaloo


With such a spicy dish, it’s worth finding a wine to complement and mellow the heat. White wines are generally the best to drink with Indian food, but a sweet, soft rosé could work very week with a Lamb Vindaloo curry. Juicy, full-bodied white wines work fantastically with the spicy richness of the Lamb Vindaloo as well.

Best Wine with Indian Food – Chicken Korma


As Chicken Korma is a relatively mild dish, you can afford to be a little more adventurous with your wine choices. The aromatic spices used in Chicken Korma, as opposed to more hot spices, means that you want something full-bodied that can compete with the powerful flavour of the dish but that also complements those aromatic spices perfectly.

Best Wine with Indian Food – Saag Paneer


Saag Paneer generally needs an acidic wine that will cut through the cheese and not create a curdling effect in your mouth or stomach. Some lighter-bodies red wines can also work very well with Saag Paneer, over even a rosé that is still very acidic and not too sickly sweet.

As you can see, there is still a great deal of choice when it comes to selecting the best wine with Indian food. We can see, overall, though, those white wines tend to work better as the acidity in them is able to cut through the creaminess that many curries come with. Also, if the particular Indian dish is very spicy in the sense of heat, white wines work especially well to cool down and balance the spice which, otherwise, might become too much and overpowering. Since Indian food generally has very bog, bold, and strong flavours, the best wine with Indian food can compete with the depth of glamour in the food, whilst not drawing attention away from it. To conclude, make sure you do your research on the particular dish you’ll be having, and then you can proceed to select the best wine with Indian food from there.

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